About Me

Born an entrepreneur,
studied psychology
and now a digital media strategist

  • Digital Media – I have been pursuing Digital Media for over a decade, but in 2016, I formally validate my skillset and earned an applied science degree in Digital Media from Northwest Vista College. At NVC, I took relevant courses such as Interface, Interactive and web design.
  • Psychology – I had always been fascinated by the human mind and communication. Pragmatically psychology has been the best route towards understanding consumer behavior, management, marketing and public relations. Additionally, I learned about instructional design and eLearning. I earned my bachelor’s degree in psychology from Bahria University in 2013.
  • Video – For me the natural extension of my digital media portfolio was to add digital video and cinema skills. I have learned how to capture video from phones to professional film cameras as well as using editing software such as Avid, Adobe Premiere and Aftereffects. My portfolio includes commercials, electronic news pieces and even short films.

The more you know,
the more questions you ask.

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