Who We Are

Who We Are?

Today Omni Vision is known for providing the highest quality eye care available in the San Antonio, TX area. Whether your eyes have been watering, your vision seems blurrier than usual, or it’s simply time for an annual check-up, patients refer to the eye doctors at Omni Vision as their preferred eye care clinic. 

Our story began in 2014, after graduating from University of Houston, Dr. Thanh Tran moved to San Antonio in search for a job. That search evolved into Omni Vision. Initially conceived as Shaenfield Vision Source, simply named after the street where the clinic was being constructed, however faith had different plans, construction did not complete on the projected date, leading us to launch our operation at Potranco/151 as Omni Vision on October 17th 2016, with the Shaenfield location opening the following year on July 12th 2017.

In addition to providing the highest quality eye care available in San Antonio, TX area. Dr. Tran started building a team instilled with a positive attitude. Emphasizing positive learning and growth from mistakes instead of punishment and scrutiny. It was this mind set that allowed Omni Vision to be a profitable venture from the beginning, where as most start ups can take years to break even.

Equipped with the latest in eye care technology; great attention to detail was given on selecting equipment that the patients would interact with, for example, the eye pressure test unit does not have the dreaded puff of air. Additionally, an in-house lab was created where lenses could be cut and sized instead of mailing them to an external lab. This enabled Omni Vision to be more time efficient than the competition.

Above everything else, Dr. Tran is fully invested in delivering unparalleled care to the patients and this is achieved by ensuring every employee is compensated adequately. The state of Texas does not mandate living wage, Omni Vision is proud to report that since our inception every employee was meant to make a living wage, thus the team would also be fully invested in delivering unparalleled care to the patients.

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