Trivia Games – First Interactive Project

Interactive Project 2
Create a learning module that uses the non-linear design approach. (This can be a game)
1. Provide an introduction to your module explaining the objective and goals of this game/module and what type of learning styles will benefit most from this type of approach.  2. Include an instruction slide explaining how to navigate and how the game/module works.
Technical Requirements:
1. You will use Microsoft PowerPoint to create your presentation. 2. Your project should not be less than 14 slides including cover page and reference page and not more than 20 slides including cover and reference page . 3. APA styled cover page 4. Include graphics, sound, text, and animation a. No clip art! b. No copyrighted images from the internet c. No copyrighted sounds 5. APA styled reference page a. You will need to provide at least two credible references; one being your online line text book. 6. Save PowerPoint as a .pdf & .ppsx  7. You will also upload this assignment to the try-it # Turn In area. 8. Post to critique forum under proper critique thread for review.

Download the project by Clicking Here

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