Heaven/Hell – Lines Composition 2015

This project was completed for 2-Dimensional Design (ARTS 1311) class for my Digital Media Degree program at Northwest Vista. 2D Design is an intro to Photoshop class, however my professor decided to take an old school approach by going back to the basics and had me do an assignment on a physical canvas.

The goal here was to use non representational lines for this composition.

Professors Critique:

Concepts: How well the project followed the parameters and met the goals of the assignment, illustrating new skills and concepts
• Successful use of line with no representational objects .5
• Successful use of unity .5
• Successful use of variety 1
Craftsmanship: How the work is executed and presented 1
Challenge Level: The difficulty level and creativity of the project 1
Nice job using line to help illustrate the meaning of hell. The line quality in heaven could be pushed more to emphasize its meaning. Good use of placement and proportion to help balance the compositional space. Omitting a few lines below heaven would help unify the space.
Sarah Roberts , Sep 26, 2015 at 4:09pm


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