Orion Logo

I was approached by a client to design a logo for their company. Orion: Digital Forensic Solutions. The client had specific requests.

  • The Logo must have a magnifying glass
  • The magnifying glass would be hovering over the Orion constellation
  • The numbers zeros and ones should also be magnified under the glass

I started by experimenting with fonts:

After exploring numerous fonts I narrowed it down to these three fonts Orion Pax, Galaxy Pro and Delta Universe respectively.

Orion pax was customized for the Orion logo and Delta Universe was selected for the description below the logo.

Next we take a picture of a magnifying glass and convert it into a clear png. Draw a quick mock up of the Orion constellation and google a good looking picture of the galaxy and mix it in a blender.

Final Logo above.

Some block variations below:

The client was only interested in a logo, however it was possible to create a full business pack from just a logo with business cards, envelopes, letter heads:

The illustration was originally created by Omer Korkmaz.

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