Fitbit Flyer

Designing a flyer for a notable brand was an assignment completed for Interactive Design II (IMED 2345) a class at Northwest Vista which was a part of my Digital Media degree program. The objective of this assignment was to familiarize myself with the interactive functionality of Adobe InDesign.

I completed two variants off the flyer a Single Pop Up along with another one with Audio Video Interactive components.

The mock up of the tablet and flyer is from Themeraid.

Features of the Flyer

  • Document design size will be 7.5 in * 10 in
  • QR Code
  • POP UP
    • Closebutton for pop up
  • Hyperlinks / Buttons (how will get the hyperlink info if it’s not clickable?)
  • Vector graphics – Logo
  • Raster graphics – Image of product
  • Audio (clickable and non-clickable representation) (how will you display the audio info in a jpg?)
  • Video (clickable and non-clickable representation) (how will you display the video info in a jpg?)

The flyer conforms to Fitbit trademark guidelines.

Mock Ups and Story Board

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