GSP Catalogue – 2016

Please make sure that you have read this weeks lectures and required reading before beginning this assignment. These video lesson segments assume that you have read the required readings and begin showing you the software and technical skills needed to complete the first assignment.

This final project is not only going to test what technical skills you have learned up to this point but it will push you in regards to project planning, time management, and deliverable expectations as they apply in the real world. These project management skills will be what set you apart from the idealists and realists. In the real world you very seldom get to build eLearning content that deals with subject matter that you are familiar with. This is why the module subject matter has been chosen for you.

  1. Idealist have great ideas all day long but never complete anything or when they do it is below par. Many of these types of people struggle getting paid and usually do not have many repeat customers.
  2. Realist can take an ideal from inception to completion. These are the ones that get paid. And usually need to hire others because they are swamped with projects that are lined up.
  • You will lose points for late work
  • You may not start certain sections until the client approves all changes, edits, and suggestions
  • You will be expected to do a lot in a short time
  • Nothing but your best will be expected

I WILL BE YOUR CLIENTso treat me professionally throughout this entire process.

  • If you were the client would you accept any of the following reasons as excuses for not meeting deliverables?:
    • I had to plan a party and couldn’t meet the deadline.
    • I didn’t know how to do this so I didn’t do that part.
    • My computer died and all my files were on it and since I lost my files I couldn’t finish it.
    • I got sick and needed to rest.
    • I wasn’t sure what you wanted so I just did whatever.
  • Plan, Plan, PLAN!!
    • Make backups, burn your files to cds/dvds as you are working and especially as you complete phases.
    • Ask questions
    • Seek clarification
    • Think critically how can you meet the requirements and still save yourself some work?


You have been asked to create an interactive digital magazine that markets and promotes the digital media program or a subject I approve. You will be responsible for the following technical information as well as the incorporation of previously learned interactive I & II concepts as they apply to chunking, multimedia principles, ADA & 508 compliance:

  • 1 Video (30 seconds or less) – must be relevant that you create (in addition to promo)
  • 1 Audio (30 seconds or less) – must be relevant that you create (in addition to promo)
  • 2 Popups (in addition to promo)
  • 1 QR code (in addition to promo)
  • Interactive promotional page will be inserted (can use the one you did previously)
  • Automatic Page numbering
  • Spreads
  • Interactive PDF
  • epub file that can be imported into iBooks on an iPad
  • Overall consistent design elements

INSIDE of Magazine

  • Cover Design
  • consistent design throughout
  • table of contents
    • styles
  • 6 pages in spreads = 12 individual pages
    • 2 front and back for cover/back = 4
    • 4 front and back inside pages = 8


Store this on several thumb drives, post it to your forehead, or print it out. But keep this available offline at all times!! I don’t want to hear that your computer died, had no internet, scheduled outings, or other classes to study for. MANAGE YOUR TIME WISELY!!

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